PUB Love

The Hare* London



The Hare got in touch as their musical approach wasn’t working. Music direction had become confused with too many music lovers getting involved. Well-meaning individuals were setting up streaming playlists, playing a wide range of music to promote bar sales, or fiddling with the playlists mid-shift leading to unmonitored usage.
Unsuitable music was being played at the wrong time, or on the wrong day. The soundtrack customers were listening to didn’t always complement the pub experience and in some cases led to a less pleasant visit overall.

*We changed the pub name



We began by researching and recreating all of The Hare’s favourite streamed playlists. By expanding certain selections, removing any songs that jarred and pulling the overall direction together we improved and updated their music library. We created some much larger ‘go to’ playlists so when their management needed to get on with their day they could simply press play, confident that their music soundtrack would stay consistent, ‘on brand’ – and with no repetitions (“hurrah!” said the bar team). We added some variations and extra evening playlist options for when they needed to up (or down) the tempo, and threw in a staff playlist for letting off steam at end of shift.

The whole team love their new music soundtrack.