Creative concept

The Drink Factory

Where:  London & FRANCE
What: Bar Termini, UnTITLED,
69 Colebrooke Row, BAR LUCIOLE, GAZELLE

Drink Factory was set up by drinks

visionary Tony Conigliaro, who

Conde Nast Traveller recently

named as ‘one of the people

changing the way we travel’ due to

his work and influence within the

drink  industry.

We work with Tony across six bars

and restaurants in London and

France; Bar Termini, 69

Colebrooke Row,

Untitled, Luciole and Gazell, each

highly acclaimed and with very

different identities.


Every taste, sight and sound has

been carefully thought through and

music plays a major part in each

concept being realised; each site

using their musical soundtrack to

set the scene, add drama and

create atmosphere.

For intimate cocktail bar 69

Colebrooke Row we developed a

soundtrack to create 1950s Italian

Cafe film noir feel.  Daltons’

untilted uses stark silver and grey

tones to keep the bar design

neutral, talking inspiration for Andy

Warhol’s Factory.   We developed

playlists from this seminal era in

music to emphasise this feeling.


When building a soundtrack for

Tony we begin by understanding

his creative vision for the concept.

We play him music, hand-picking

tracks and building demo

playlists that are then listened in

the space, tweaking and refining

the music until exactly the

rightselection of tunes has been