Hotel style


Radisson Blu






Client: Radisson Blu



Location: UK


Internationally renowned Radisson Blu

Edwardian are a collection of individual

hotels ranging from bijou boutique to large-

scale luxury. They include the iconic

flagship May Fair hotel, fashionable Covent

Garden, the business district of Canary

Wharf and a grand Manchester hotel. The

contemporary design and service aims to

provide guests with an experience that

both relaxes and stimulates while offering

unpretentious luxury.


Understanding these values helped us to

build tailored music playlists and libraries

designed to engage, attract and retain their

target demographic while creating a guest

experience which supports the vision

behind the brand.  Looking at each site

location, styling and demographic, we built

individual playlists for each hotel and

distinct areas; concept restaurants and

bars, spas and treatment rooms, gym, lobby

areas and corridors.

Flagship May Fair Hotel sits in the heart of

Mayfair, with concepts bar The May Fair

Bar and May Fair Restaurants destinations

in their own right.  We built an upbeat,

vibrant music soundtrack creating a unique

atmosphere for their world-class location

and cosmopolitan, well-traveled crowd.


We knew Radisson Blu Edwardian wanted

guests to step from busy, bustling

streets into the hotel and

immediately feel a sense of comfort and

calm. This was our main focus a when

researching and developing music for the

lobby areas and corridors. Creating the right

soundtrack helped achieve this, transporting

guests into a world of relaxed, comfortable





8track Music have a created focus while understanding our business needs, providing and building music libraries that work for our guests and are in line with our brand vision.”
Krishma Singh Dear

- Radisson Blu Edwardian