Music In Restaurants


Make Music Part of your business Strategy


As a restauranteur these are testing times with so much uncertainty and an increasingly competitive market –  how do you ensure that every aspect is considered to appeal to diners and add positively to the overall dining experience? Your music soundtrack can help.

Numerous studies have shown links between food and music. Music can improve the taste of food, the right music makes us order more food and drink and stay for longer. Simply, music changes the perception of the dining experience – and relaxed, contented customers spend more and are more likely to return. Day to day, good music also helps keep your team energised and happy.


At 8track Music we understand the flow of a restaurant, and how different times require a different tempo or sound – breakfast, the calm before the lunchtime rush, afternoon tea or dinner. We understand how a Monday lunch service will feel compared to a full-on Saturday night.

We’ll help you consider what you want your music to say about your business and how to use it best to enhance your atmosphere, providing a decisive music strategy for your brand, while creating and maintaining a music soundtrack, that embodies your vision and brings your restaurants to life.


Tops Tips For Restaurants

Think about the overall direction and effect of your playlists – we all love music and have our own personal taste, but a great playlist is about what makes the whole restaurant experience works, maintaining a vibe and keeping interest, as well as having personality.

Make sure you have enough music to avoid repetition, and to keep your customers and staff engaged and comfortable.  

Make sure your music is harmonious with your vision.

Make sure your speaker and sound set up works for your space – music flowing to all areas. Have good sound, not just loud sound.
8track Music always creates perfect playlists for our bars and restaurants, matching each concept beautifully, and with total flexibilty”
Stephan Venter

- Roka Restaurant Group

What makes Us Different?

We’re very proud of the restaurants and people we work with, and how we help them use music, legally and simply, to engage with their customers, retain them, and play a part in building their restaurant personality.


We understand restaurants need to be absolutely cost-conscious, in full control of the music played and want a personal service and we promise all of those things.


Ready to talk music? We can build a free music demo for you to try out in your restaurant.