8track Playback Software

The Main Player

  • An easy-to-use interactive player system, designed to be both operating system and hardware independent.
  • Non-streaming – works both on and offline.
  • Displays playlists and the ‘now playing’ track with artwork.
  • Inbuilt volume and skip/pause control-panel.
  • Ability to mute or favourite tracks for instant feedback reporting.
  • Management control panel – only authorised users can edit the playlist calendar 

The Calendar

  • Timetabled playlists set to automatically play according to business requirements.
  • No need to hit play or change from playlist to playlist unless you want to.
  • Calendared playlists are set on shuffle for fresh and randomised listening, everyday.

Have your say

Love a particular band or track? Clicking on ‘Thumbs up’ will let us know which tracks are working well, and what you might like to hear more of in a future update.

Not enjoying a track so much? Clicking on ‘Thumbs down’ will mute that track forever, and flag it for discussion at your next music review.

Either way, your feedback shapes your music policy.

8track music close up of like or mute buttons on playback software

DJ Mode

Switch to DJ Mode for more control.

  • An ‘on the fly’ playlist can be built, choosing tracks from any of the playlists at any time.
  • Re-order tracks
  • Search facility to find tracks
  • Create an random ‘on the fly’ playlist from tracks from playlist library
  • ‘DJ Mode’ playlists can be saved and loaded as required

Client Area

  • Remote login access remotely from any platform
  • View playlist and ‘now playing’ track in every venue
  • Send instant feedback
  • See calendar settings
8track Music client area image of playback software