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Swift half?



…popped in for a swift half and ended up staying for hours, but what made us stay?  The drinks, ambience, the comfy seats, music? Recent findings from You Gov study (here), commissioned by music licensing organisation PPL, suggests that music plays a huge part. They found that customers visiting bars and pubs believed music created a better atmosphere and would influence whether they stayed longer. 73% of respondents also said they would be more likely to return if they liked the music playing.



So you’ve decided you need music, but in the age of streaming services and unlimited access to every kind of music, how do you decide on the right songs?  There’s more to consider than just the tunes  – there’s also the tempo, the volume.  Are your playlists aiming to provide background music or make a statement? Are you serving food at different times?  Do you want to encourage your customers to sit or stand? Do you change your music when a quiet, wet Wednesday afternoon sees an influx of customers and suddenly the ambience needs to feel a bit more like a party?






This is where 8track Music comes in. We understand hospitality; how each bar or pub has its own unique selling points and a reason why customers enjoy spending time there. We use this knowledge to make music playlists that fit, to engage and retain customers. We also understand the different times, days and seasons of the bar calendar, and offer easily accessible playlist options for Friday nights through to Saturday brunch, from balmy summer evenings to the energy of the Christmas party season.


We can also help you control your music when not on site (when your heavy-metal loving cocktail bartender may be tempted to switch to one of their own personal playlists and rock-out during cocktail hour by offering as much or little staff access to the system as you require, and remote viewing, so you can check the music playing, is always on-brand.

Perhaps you have some playlists you’ve put together, and they work, but you need more – to build upon the sound you’ve created, and expand your music library as the business grows and you’re needed elsewhere. We can help, adding to these playlists with fresh releases and freeing up your time, whilst remaining true to your vision.

Tops Tips For BARS

A successful music library will boost the whole bar experience, so always remember your overall vision when choosing a music policy. We all love music and have our own personal taste, but a great playlist is about what makes the whole bar experience works, engaging customers and staff alike – as well as adding to your specific environment.



Always revisit your vision. How do your music choices sit with the rest of your offering? Do they complement each other?  



A good playlist shouldn’t dip in and out, but flow. This can be tricky to master. Lesser known tracks work best – hit after hit of popular music can be distracting and actually drive customers away.



Test out the music in the space, during busy evenings and quieter times to get a sense of what works when.

8track always deliver top-notch playlists. They understand how different bar venues work and create music libraries with the appropriate vibe – enhancing the overall experience”

Tony Conigliaro

- The Drinks Factory

What makes Us Different?



Our team is made up of DJs, music curators and hospitality people. We DJ at festivals, premieres, events, and in bars, restaurants and clubs all over the world. We are obsessive about global music culture, underground sounds and discovering new music!

Our aim is to help you create a music library that becomes your bar’s signature sound supplied via a simple, flexible tech that puts you in control.




Ready to talk music? We will build a free music demo sampler to try out in your bar and leave it with you for a couple of weeks for free: