Building great playlists, track by track

Welcome to 8 Track Music Solutions

Playlists and DJs for brands, retail, restaurants, bars and hotels

Music Consultancy

At 8track Music Solutions we help develop your music policy by building great playlists, song by song. We work closely with you to fully understand your business music needs, and create a soundtrack that represents you individually. Our service doesn’t rely on algorithms – we use real people who are passionate about music. 

Our team is made up of DJs and music curators all of whom constantly strive to provide a first-rate music service. Our client list includes global names alongside award-wining bars and restaurants. Based in London, but operating world-wide, our team has an excellent knowledge of both hospitality and music.  



Playback Software

  • Our playback and updates are controlled via our custom software, which can be downloaded to most PCs / Macs, eliminating the need for expensive or space-consuming hardware.
  • The player has been designed for ease of use, and with interactive features such as: instant feedback capabilities, automatic calendars and management reporting. Find out more here


The right music at the right time

Scheduled playlists and regular updates

Music is timetabled to reflect your businesses pace. Playlists are calendared and set to automatically play There is no need to hit play or change from playlist to playlist unless you want to.

We provide updates as often as needed and automatically ‘top up’ the music libraries with any important ‘relevant-to-policy’ new releases.  Our main focus is on the quarterly review and update when we consult with you about the whole library for each area, and discuss direction, music policy and feedback.


Supporting the artists you love.

We are members of PPL & PRS…

…and have similar affiliations worldwide.

We have direct relationships with emerging musicians and record labels, so we can obtain tracks before they get released.

Our music library covers all genres, decades, and we constantly source and license new music. If you have any requests for rare tracks that are not in our library we’ll hunt it down, and licence it legally.

We’d love to hear from you…..

We are always available to talk through music requirements, either on the phone or face to face meetings. We also offer a free, no-obligation demo as standard. If you’d like to find our more please email us on or use the contact form here……

…you can  also catch up with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.